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Welcome the New Canadian Local Instance for AirLink® Management Service (ALMS)

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Warren Cartwright

Warren Cartwright

Director, Product Management, Software & Services

We are thrilled to unveil the latest advancement in our suite of router solutions the launch of a new Canadian local instance for the AirLink® Management Service (ALMS) platform. This is an expansion of our commitment to provide our Canadian customers with the most flexibility, security and control over their AirLink routers.  


What is ALMS?

ALMS is Semtech’s cloud management platform for AirLink routers.  
Acting as the control hub of your network, it allows you to remotely register, configure, manage, secure and troubleshoot your fleet of routers. Using ALMS, you can for example register and pre-configure your routers at scale, proactively monitor your deployed routers with interactive and customizable dashboards or deploy new firmware and security patches over-the-air in a few clicks. Learn More 



Why Local Instances Matter? 

A "local instance" refers to the deployment of the ALMS solution within a specific geographical location. 

ALMS is built on the AirVantage® Platform from Semtech and is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. 

ALMS is currently deployed in two AWS Regions (or local instances) – USA West (Oregon) and Europe (Ireland). By adding a third local instance in Canada, we are providing a new data residency option for our Canadian customer base. 
ALMS local instances can present several advantages: 

  • Data Residency: Ensures that data is processed and stored closer to where it's generated, within a specific region or country. This can be important for business- or mission-critical organizations to comply with organizational policies or regulatory requirements. Our data residency policies ensure that all account, router and user data is located in the Canadian instance and never traverses outside the country.  


  • Higher Availability and Redundancy: Each ALMS instance is deployed in an AWS Region (United States, Europe and Canada) and is deployed across 3 AWS Availability Zones for redundancy. This helps ALMS remain resilient to a wide array of failure modes, including natural disasters or system failures. Daily data backups further mitigate the risk of data loss, with all backups securely stored within their respective Regions.


Delivering Maximum Flexibility and Control 

The introduction of the Canadian local instance underscores our dedication to a comprehensive ALMS data residency strategy. Looking ahead, we are finalizing plans to unveil another local instance in Australia by late 2024. 

Earlier this year, we introduced the ALMS Hybrid Cloud option, a groundbreaking solution for customers seeking to seamlessly blend the flexibility of cloud technology  and on-premise controls integrated into customer-owned PKI infrastructure. The addition of a new local instance in Canada marks another milestone in our mission to offer comprehensive management solutions tailored to our customers' diverse requirements.  


Semtech’s commitment to Security

As a leading provider of Connectivity Solutions and a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Semtech oversees the secure operation of a complex critical infrastructure platform relied on by customers around the world. With customers relying on connectivity to maintain data communications with endpoints ranging from critical infrastructure to mobile connectivity for first responders, to border-crossing cargo shipments that require asset tracking, our teams take this responsibility seriously. 

Semtech employs a defense-in-depth security strategy built on industry-leading tools and recognized practices supported and verified by third-party assessments and audits. Together with security training and robust asset management, Semtech delivers efficient, reliable operation for our customers built on a secure foundation. As customer needs, telecommunications technologies, and threats continue to evolve, Semtech is resolved to continue maturing and evolving to keep pace and remain a trusted partner and provider for our customers. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we forge ahead in our mission to connect and secure the world, one router at a time.  
Learn more about how AirLink Services improve and safeguard your investment. 



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