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Simplifying IoT with Semtech's New AirVantage® Managed Solution: Smart Sensing

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Richard Lansdowne

Richard Lansdowne

Senior Director, Business Development, Americas and EMEA Sales, IoT Connected Services

IoT management can be very complex. The sheer number of options, the technical jargon, and the “maze of complexity” have made it daunting for many businesses to adopt and integrate IoT solutions effectively. Engineers, brilliant in their problem-solving abilities, often inadvertently add layers of complexity in their quest to provide solutions, making the process more cumbersome for the end-user.

The introduction of our latest managed solution, AirVantage Smart Sensing – a turnkey solution for managing the design and configuration of a secure and scalable sensor network – is, therefore, a game-changer because it strips the complexity right out of IoT. This is not just about innovation; it’s about revolutionizing how IoT is managed—from deployment to data insights, and Semtech has just made IoT a lot easier.

Real-World Applications

Imagine wanting to monitor refrigeration systems or ensuring the well-being of an elderly relative through activity patterns in their home. AirVantage Smart Sensing can enable these scenarios with ease. It’s about providing straightforward solutions to specific problems, not overwhelming users with technical details.

Assisted Living Reimagined

A poignant example of Smart Sensing’s impact is in assisted living. Traditional SOS buttons are often ineffective because they require active engagement from the user. Semtech’s approach turns this on its head by using passive monitoring to prevent incidents before they happen. Simple sensors can provide valuable data that can preemptively address issues like urinary tract infections in the elderly by monitoring their nightly activities and how often they get up to use the bathroom, compared to a baseline level.

Retail Operational Efficiency

Semtech’s Smart Sensing solutions have demonstrated their value in enhancing operational efficiency. For instance, by deploying sensors on toilet doors, a company could significantly reduce maintenance and cleaning costs. This is achieved by optimizing cleaning schedules based on actual usage rather than fixed intervals, ensuring efficient resource allocation and potentially reducing unnecessary labor costs. Similarly, Starbucks outlets saved 20 minutes of staff time per day by using refrigeration sensors. These sensors not only improved compliance but also reduced food spoilage, ensuring a fresher product offering and minimizing waste.

Inferring Data with Smart Sensing

Looking ahead, Semtech envisions a world where even more can be inferred from smart sensors, creating virtual sensors that can deduce various conditions from a single data point. For example, CO2 levels can indicate the presence of people in a room, and the detection of volatile organic compounds can tell if cleaning is in progress.

Bridging the Gap Between Technologists and Application Users

Semtech recognizes the divide between technologists and application users. While technologists excel in converting signals into data, application users are looking for solutions to real-world problems. Semtech acts as the “sous chef” in this scenario, preparing the base (technology) so that application users can create their “pizza” (solutions) without worrying about the complexities of the base. In other words, Semtech’s extended ability to offer managed solutions is about solving real business problems. It’s about providing insight into what’s happening across the full IoT deployment spectrum, with a partner who ensures everything works seamlessly. This approach lifts the burden from the customers, allowing them to reap the benefits of IoT without getting entangled in its complexities.

Simplifying the User Experience

AirVantage Smart Sensing simplifies the user experience by normalizing interactions with various smart devices. Whether it’s air quality monitors or room sensors, Semtech’s Smart Sensing service ensures that users don’t need to understand the intricacies of device configurations. Instead, they can focus on the insights these devices provide.

Semtech’s AirVantage Managed Solutions: Smart Sensing is more than just a technological innovation; it represents a commitment to user-centric design in the IoT space. By focusing on the application and the end-user, Semtech is making IoT management not just easier, but smarter, more intuitive, and more aligned with the real needs of businesses and individuals alike. With Semtech, the future of smart sensing is not just about connecting devices; it’s about connecting people to the solutions they truly need.

Learn more about why Smart Sensing is the easiest way to realize your sensing network.

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