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Important Information about AirLink Models LS300, GX400/440/450 and RV50

The Global Positioning System (GPS) signal provides the positioning and timing information which Sierra Wireless AirLink devices use for location reporting and as the time-source for setting the system time. The GPS system ‘rolls over’ the date every 19.7 years. April 6, 2019 was the last GPS rollover date, however, there can be an offset to this date, which is why the effective rollover date for some Sierra Wireless router and gateway products is November 3, 2019.

Only AirLink Models LS300, GX400/440/450, and RV50 are impacted. (Your device may be defaulted to use GPS – make sure you check your settings!)

If you experience any disruption due to the GPS rollover, give our Technical Support experts a call at 1.877.687.7795. We are available to assist you 24/7/365.

You can also find more information, including our recommended fixes and the original product bulletin.

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