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AirVantage® Cellular Smart Connectivity is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

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Raphael Atayi

Raphael Atayi

Director, LoRa Partnerships & Solutions

Most industrial IoT deployments rely on cloud-based solutions and require reliable connectivity to transmit data from device to the cloud. However, these deployments often face challenges when it comes to connecting IoT devices to cellular networks. Some of these challenges include choosing the right network provider with sufficient coverage, integrating IoT devices into the cloud platform, managing SIMs and connectivity, optimizing connectivity service level agreements, controlling connectivity costs and reducing operational expenses.

What is Smart Connectivity?

AirVantage Smart Connectivity addresses these challenges.

Smart Connectivity is powered by AirVantage, a comprehensive connectivity management platform built on AWS. Smart Connectivity is a highly resilient cellular connectivity service that enables connections through two or more operator networks within a given country. With over 600 partner networks in more than 190 countries, it offers truly global coverage. Users can enjoy always-on connectivity with One SIM, regardless of their location. The solution also offers flexible pricing options that can be customized to match anticipated data consumption, ensuring optimal value for users.

Now, Smart Connectivity is available on AWS Marketplace.

What Are the Benefits for AWS Users?

By making AirVantage Smart Connectivity available on the AWS Marketplace, AWS users can now easily procure cellular connectivity directly from their AWS account, streamlining the procurement process and consolidating billing. Smart Connectivity is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, providing users with a fully managed connectivity solution within their AWS environment. The solution also comes with integration connectors to AWS Kinesis, further enhancing its capabilities.

Try it for just $1!

To encourage users to experience the benefits of AirVantage Smart Connectivity, a $1 trial is available. Users can visit the AWS Marketplace and find the Semtech Smart Connectivity Trial SIM to initiate their evaluation.

This trial offers an opportunity to benchmark and assess the suitability of AirVantage Smart Connectivity for their specific needs, ensuring they have the best-fit solution for their connectivity requirements.

Don't miss this chance to optimize your connectivity solution and discover the advantages of high-resiliency, flexibility, and full-management offered by AirVantage Smart Connectivity.

Start your evaluation on the AWS Marketplace today.

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