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Sierra Wireless Brings 5G to Live Streaming

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Tom Mueller

Tom Mueller

Vice President, Product Line Management

Checking the weather or watching a live streaming event from another city is not something we do every day, but with new, high-tech cameras that can stream live video, we can check the weather or watch an event with an amazing amount of detail.

5G webcam

Thanks to EarthCam’s new 5G webcam, people from around the world can look out over the National Mall in Washington, DC with a view from the Washington Monument. The 24/7 views, delivered in a higher resolution than ever before, are 500 feet above Washington, DC streaming from the highest point in the nation’s capital.

The new 5G webcam is enabled by Sierra Wireless’ AirLink® XR80 5G router that provides a fast, ultra-low latency and reliable 5G connection to send an almost unlimited amount of visual data from their live-streaming cameras.

Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam stated, “5G is the future of webcam technology and it is becoming indispensable as clients require increasingly high-quality video data, accessible from anywhere. Our collaboration with Sierra Wireless delivers efficient and powerful new solutions for entertainment, construction safety and AI analytics.”

The 5G camera was installed just in time for the 4th of July celebration on the National Mall.

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